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Concept+Clubs for Businesses

The founders of C+P are passionate about the local community and like many businesses, local partnerships are key to our success.
Concept+Clubs for B2B was created to give something back, not only for your employees, but also the causes you care about.

Find a place to sit down with family, colleagues or clients.

Enjoy our restaurants from casual eateries to fine dining around the Grand Duchy.

How it works?

Very simple, just present your digital card and start saving money

1. Choose between two options

Choose between a 5% discount for your employees with another 5% of the amount spent being donated to a local charity of your choice OR choose a 10% discount for your employees

2. Contract

Sign up your company and choose a local charity which will benefit from your employees' spending at Concept+Partners restaurants

3. Digital Sponsorcard

All employees will receive a digital discount card to present each time they visit one of our venues and get the discount in the bill immediately

4. Let's donate together

If you have selected the donation offer, 5% of the total amount spent will be donated to a local charity of your choice. Concept+Partners will match this donation.

Apply for your Concept+Clubs for Businesses card