From Luxembourgish start-up to hospitality group

We are a hospitality group, established in 2014, now operating Venues and catering entities across Luxembourg with over 450 Team Members, serving diverse target groups and cuisines.

About Concept & Partners
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At Concept & Partners, our mission is to provide exceptional hospitality experiences that leave a lasting impression on our guests. We are committed to delivering service excellence across all of our Venues and catering company entities, and strive to create memorable moments for every guest. 

Company story

Founded in 2014, Concept & Partners has grown from a start-up to a large restaurant and hospitality group operating in Luxembourg. Initially focused on operating Venues in Mersch and the capital, the company has since expanded with new Venues in the Moselle region and the South of Luxembourg, serving different target groups and cuisines. From local Brasserie cuisine, nightlife concepts, Thai concepts and premium restaurants, Concept & Partners now has expertise running a broad portfolio of Venue types.

The group has recently expanded its operations by the addition of äResto, an experienced contract catering company. Concept & Partners now has over 450 team members and is always looking for new projects and partners.


Opening of the first restaurant: Fabrik in Mersch

Concept & Partners was officially founded

Hitch and Schräinerei opened its doors

Barrels opened its doors next to Hitch 

Local bistro-brasserie Siegfried joined the group in 2017.  

In the same year, authentic Thai restaurant Kin Khao was opened. 

Meet Point opened its doors next to Fabrik in 2018 

Healthy food restaurant Bowls opened its doors in City Concorde.  

Local bistro-brasserie Bistro Lënster followed suit in the autumn of 2019. 

The semi-gastronomical emblematic restaurant Parc Le’h joined the group

Our second authentic Thai restaurant opened its doors at Royal-Hamilius with Kin Khao City.

Local bistro-brasserie Beim Méchel first opened its doors in Mersch.

The catering company äResto joined the group. 

In April, Naga in Mondercange has joined the group.

The organic food restaurant Farmacy opened in June.



Commitment is fundamental to everything we do. We strive to exceed expectations and deliver service excellence for our guests. We are also committed to our Team Members by fostering a positive work environment that supports their growth and development. 


We are devoted to the growth and development of our Team Members through our internal Academy which enables them to stay ahead of the curve and to be equipped with the necessary tools to succeed in their professional roles and achieve personal goals. 


We empower our employees through mutual trust, fostering a culture of creativity and innovation that drives our success. We encourage our Team Members to share ideas and to take accountability, recognising the value of their perspectives for the progress of the group.


We recognise that progress needs innovation, creativity, and a willingness to take on new challenges. That's why we empower our team to become leaders, take ownership of their work, and seek new opportunities for growth and development.

Work with us

The team

The Upper Management, the Operations team and the Support Office oversee, support and train our Venues and its managers to ensure the best possible experience for guests. Besides being tasked with a support function, these teams help in the creation of seamless processes by analysing and optimising the performance of individual Venues ensuring the solidity and growth of the group.


Christophe Diederich

Founder & Managing Director


Marc Fusenig

Managing Director


Nico Heinen

C&P Venues Area Manager

Max Leches

Max Leches

C&P Venues Area Manager

Olivier Valentin

Olivier Valentin

C&P Venues Area Manager

Wachira Chaipinidnorrachart

Wachira Chaipinidnorrachart

C&P Venues Area Manager


Larry Da Luz

Events Manager


Ivan Leal

Kitchen Coordinator


David Piatek

Maintenance Services

Pierre Delaporte

äResto Area Manager

Stéphane Ruedin

Stéphane Ruedin

Senior Area Manager

Marc Carricondo

Area Manager

Stessy Lagler

Senior Area Manager

Hadrien Dillmann

Hadrien Dillmann

äResto Operational Secretary

Frédéric Leroux

Frédéric Leroux

Purchasing Coordinator

Glenn Richardy

Glenn Richardy

IT Officer

Hélène Braux

Marketing Manager


Aurélie Gourdon

Digital Marketing Associate


Daria Prykolota

Content Creator

Kevin Nilles

Junior Marketing Associate

Ilham Dekik

Human Resources Manager

Carole Mandrier

Human Resources Administrator

Clarisse Houin

Clarisse Houin

Human Resources Administrator

Séverine Jerak

Séverine Jerak

Administrative Officer & CSR Coordinator


Cyril Arnould

Administrative Assistant


Matthew De Cae

Human Capital Manager

Lenaic Bladi

Lenaïc Bladi

Chief Accountant


Danielle Thiry



Mélissa Marquez Malisan


Maryse Remonnay



As a leading hospitality group in Luxembourg, Concept & Partners commits itself to play an integral part of society by prioritising matters that impact society, social welfare, and the environment.

Supply Chain

Concept & Partners is dedicated to supporting the local community by sourcing ingredients from nearby suppliers whenever feasible. By prioritising regionality and fostering open communication with our suppliers, we strive to promote sustainability and ethical practices in the hospitality industry. 



We are committed to minimising waste by finding creative ways to repurpose fresh product leftovers. By adhering to the highest local standards in waste management, we aim to minimise our environmental impact and promote a sustainable future. 

SuperDrecksKëscht label

Health & Safety

Committed to our team: We prioritise the safety and health of our 450+ members and support their personal and professional development through our Concept & Partners Academy and training from the Operations Team. Our updated 2023 Code of Conduct chart reflects our dedication to health and safety protocols for our valued Team Members.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our group comprises Team Members from 30+ nationalities whose diverse backgrounds inspire innovation, creativity, and performance in our Venues. We prioritise respect and inclusivity for guests and Team Members alike and train our teams in cross-cultural communication through the Concept & Partners Academy.

Do you want to join the team?

We are always looking for new talents and individuals with a taste for challenge to join our teams.